Working On A Fraud/Scam Report Web Application

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Gradually, I am starting to progress beyond taking classes on web application development to practicing what I have been learning and building something useful for me and everyone.

My first web application will be a Fraud Report application which I will later make into a phone application.

It will allow you to report any fraud attempt you are at the receiving end of. Well, doesn't make sense to report the ones you are at the perpetrating end of. You don't want to be like the guy recently in the news who stole a phone and uploaded a selfie to the phone owner's Instagram account. I am sure you don't scam or defraud people so you'll benefit positively from this application.

The idea is that rather than putting all the work of preventing scam/fraud on the people at the receiving end, this will be an avenue to report people trying to defraud you and then we can pass the details to the right authorities. Even if it is a very small fraction of the fraudsters that are caught, this will still achieve its aim of letting fraudsters know that their is a platform dedicated to actively pursuing them.

And more importantly are the tech-using fraudsters. The ones sending fraudulent job SMS, fraudulent bank emails and fraudulent chat messages. I personally will help dig out the details of those behind the fraudulent bank emails, using my knowledge of ethical hacking. And I am sure there are other people better than me who will be glad to help out too. That way we can expose them and at least make them fear that their virtual immunity is gone. Our authorities are too low level and not tech savvy enough to pursue most of them. We can and yes, we should, and then hand them over to EFCC to finish off.

When those lazy criminally minded people know that they can be outsmarted, pursued and caught, and by a community larger than the police or government authorities; they will go back to legitimate hustling like the rest of us. And the very young and very old who most fall victim to their scams can now take delight in reporting and watching them caught.

You can access the web application and monitor my progress at I am still building the backend, so the appearance isn't great for now. Skeleton first before skin, that's how applications are typically built. 

Please do let me know your suggestions and feedback. Thanks!


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