Welcome To The Second Half Of The Year!

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It's already half of the year. For many of us, the first half is more of what the economy handed us. But I am positive that this second half will be more of what we do for ourselves.

You can download my daily goal tracker to set and track your goals for the second half of the year: Download the daily goal tracker.

For me, I am planning on cutting down on my running around and build a solution I can mass sell. Well, it's been something I have been saying for many months now, and I will keep saying till I have done it. The whole field is before me and I have a choice of which part of the field to play on; I am choosing to play on the most rewarding part of the field. Training and consulting services are more of grunt work, too much work for each Naira earned. But software products, produced once and sold forever, are way much better.

All the top companies in the world are product making companies. They are not consulting companies or training providers. They sell a solution or product that they make once and maybe update yearly.

Building your own business is tough work. Even the guy who's into Shawarma selling business is not having it easy; for him to do it on a level he can live a comfortable life on, it is no small unending work. But I believe in following Bill Cosby's advice -- Aim for the moon, if you miss you'll land among the stars. Aim as high as possible, which starts with picking the most lucrative field section you can in your business domain. Don't be too bogged down by your access to resources or competence level, after all, entrepreneurship is more about jumping from a skyscraper and growing wings before you crash. When you pick a big goal for yourself, stubborn resourcefulness is all it takes to hit success.

Also, for the remainder of the year (and beyond), I am planning on reducing the number of moving parts in my life. I am cutting down seriously on the number of activities I do. I will only do very necessary things. The fewer the things I need to remember or keep up with the more time and brainpower I have for the things that are super important.

What are your own plans for the second half of this year?


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