What It Feels Like Using Ubuntu Linux Again.

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I have been having some trouble accessing my documents in my previous laptop hard disk which I swapped out on Monday in favour of the much faster Solid State Drive.

Windows would not let me access the files or even copy them out, it keeps giving an access is denied error due to file permission security settings from my previous Windows OS. I have tried to regain permission, changed ownership, used Command Prompt and even PowerShell. I only had some luck with PowerShell. It was able to get out some of my files before failing to work anymore (used the xcopy DOS command).

So I had to go back to the only tested and trusted solution I learned eight years ago -- Linux Live booting. I downloaded Ubuntu desktop Linux, created a bootable USB from it and booted into Ubuntu without installing.

It brought back pleasant memories. All the terrific (both good and bad) adventures I have had using Linux. The years I had five or six operating systems installed side by side on my PC. Usually three or four different Linux flavours and two different Windows versions. Ubuntu has been my easiest to use Linux while Fedora has been the most painful to use for me. In between are Kubuntu, OpenSUSE and Mandriva.

Today, when I booted up Ubuntu, one major thing caught my attention. It looked very familiar. I remember the 2012 version, this 2016 version still looks a lot like it and works like it. But over that same period Windows has changed dramatically. You can't put Windows 8 or Windows 7 beside Windows 10 and not immediately notice an all-round change. 

And most of these changes Microsoft is rapidly putting Windows through are good changes. For the first time, I am able to overcome the temptation to dual boot Windows and Linux. The temptation did come but this time I have strong logical reasons to not do it. My Windows 10 has all I need in an OS, much better to use and sleeker than Ubuntu (and every other Linux I know). Also, it is getting better faster and packed with more functionality than any out-of-box Linux.

It feels good to use Ubuntu again, and to even do this blog post from it, but Windows 10 is now much cooler.

I am almost done with copying out my files from my old hard disk, once that is done I will bid another farewell to Ubuntu till an unknown time and get sucked back into the now exciting world of Windows 10.


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