Done With My iTunes Gift Card Sales Web Application

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Update: The sites is ready, instant delivery and cheapest rate --

I am happy with the progress I am making. Yesternight, I completed my iTunes Gift Card sales web app. I am taking out the manual processes I undertake in selling iTunes Gift Card.

Previously, a typical sales transaction will involve someone calling me on phone for the purchase of an iTunes gift card. I confirm if the one they want is available or not. Then I email them the scanned copy of the Gift Card. They load it and pay.

It worked well for close to a year. But then it was beginning to interrupt my core business. I would get calls at all times of the day, especially late nights. Then the money collection hasn't been very smooth with a few people still owing me. Now I am waving goodbye to all those challenges.

Via and anyone can purchase the iTunes Gift Card. They get the peace of mind that is difficult when they've got to call me out of the blue and we spend the first minute establishing trust. Also, it makes it easier for them to see the price upfront, order, have a record of their transaction and get peace of mind.

Next on my web application idea list is a Nigerian World Clock. A one stop place for you to see the time difference between all the major cities/countries in the world and Nigeria. Plus it will show current time in Nigeria and those other cities/countries.

Again the iTunes Gift card sales site is Best rate you can get and instant delivery!


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