Gave New Life To My Laptop

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So I have decided not to buy the Toshiba Satellite S55T C5327 but to give a new life to my current (work) laptop, Samsung Activ Book.

Yesterday, I bought an 800GB SSD (solid state drive), an extra battery, an extra charger and a shiny new front casing. Now it boots in seconds. 5 seconds when we installed Windows 8.1. Then about 13 seconds when I installed Windows 10 and my work software.

Everything works fast and the laptop feels and looks new.

I am now more motivated to work, to create more training tutorial videos, to practice more Visual Studio programming exercises that used to be painfully slow. I no longer dread shutting down or restarting the laptop, as that now happens in seconds and not the half an hour it used to be.

I am sure the increased comfort and performance the N92,000 I spent to give it this new life will pay for itself in a short time as my productivity rises. Plus now, it feels really cool to work on the laptop.

All left is to avoid any hardware damage to it and pray against theft.


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