The Learning Style That Works For Me

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I use the throw everything against the wall and see what sticks learning style.

When I want to learn something, I get everything I can about it and drown myself in too much information with the hope that even if it is just 1% that sticks, in absolute terms, it will be a lot. I use a combination of visual, text and tactile knowledge gathering approach. 

I have friends who are more systematic in their learning style. They start with one concept or functional bit of what they are learning at a time, and won't move on to the next until they've mastered the current bit they are learning. Me, I mix them all up. I learn both the beginning, intermediate and advanced bit simultaneously. I don't mind knowledge gaps. 

I also don't wait till I am perfectly certain I can succeed at a task requiring the skill I am learning before I take up the task. I am used to making mistakes and being wrong that the negative effects they normally have on one's confidence and motivation is muted for me.

This is the learning style I used to learn to write daily. It is the same learning style I used to write and publish three books on Amazon. It is the same learning style I used to become an entrepreneur (against all my obvious flaws). It is the same learning style I used to acquire my business data analysis and Excel excellent skills. It is the same learning style I am applying in transitioning to the next phase of my business -- enterprise web apps. 

It is the learning style that works for me. What works for you?


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