Of Learning There is No End, Both To Activities And Benefits

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This second half of the year is starting more as a learning period for me. I have turbo driven my C# and web app development learning. I am currently learning and practicing Python for automating tasks and as Django for web app development.

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I have also been refreshing my knowledge of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. I am gearing all my learning towards application. Everything I am learning is towards filling the missing pieces required to build the applications I have always been talking about.

I plan to use Python to create web scraping scripts that will daily gather the share prices of the companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. I have managed to do some relevant practice and now have the requisite theoretical knowledge to create the Python scripts required.

The Django I am currently learning and will end up spending today to complete my online training course on is to learn more about Python for web applications and possible use in building the IoT applications I have been dreaming about. I plan to set up an always connected, to internet, Raspberry Pi, have it do some interesting things and connect to a cloud database. I heard Python might be a much better and easier ways to build IoT projects with Raspberry Pi. So I'll give it a try.

I am already past the fundamentals part of my C# learning for web app development. Now I am focusing more on practicing by building the app ideas I have written down over the last two years.

The HTML5, CSS and JavaScript I am learning are for giving excellent front-end to my web applications. Also, I recently found out that I can build Excel applications with JavaScript. And I have been wanting to create commercial Excel applications for the Nigerian market. Now, I am getting closer to fulfilling that desire.

Why am I doing all these intense learning?

I have looked into the future and I see only benefits, especially of the commercial and financial type, to knowing all these things. The Nigerian market is lacking many basic applications that do helpful things. The reason is that the current entrepreneurs are mostly not technical people and only see non-technical market needs. Also, the people with the technical skills are not bold enough to strike out on their own, they are tied to the slow ships of the companies run by the non-technical people.

I have run some tests. I have done my market validation and testing. The market is ready, the delay is with people like me who can create the solutions they need. So for me, there is no end to the opportunistic activities and financial benefits to reap if I put in the time and dedication.


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