Suspended My MBA; Quit Learning French. Difficult But Necessary.

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French first.
So Microsoft has an email group (distribution list) for Excel MVPs. We interact amongst ourselves and with Microsoft via the email group. Not all the MVPs are English speaking but the language of communication within the group is English. Everytime I see an email in the group I can instantly tell if it's from a native English speaker (or someone whose national official language is English) or from someone who learned English as an adult. For those who learned English as an adult, their emails are often like a riddle to be deciphered by reading it two or three times. Their texts don't have the flow and smoothness I have come to appreciate in a language. And it's obvious that my French will be that way too (at least for a very long time) if I eventually get to learn it well enough. Whatever poems I write in french won't have the smoothness and rhyme my English version of it will have. And I have long given up (with expert advice) on trying to speak like (with the accent) of a native French man. And in French your accent matters a big lot, unlike English where people easily tolerate or even like foreign accents (that's why over  50% of people taking my Excel online video learning course are Britons, Americans and other non-Nigerians). In a sentence, I had to quit French learning because I can't see myself achieving much with it and every hour I dedicate to learning is taking me away from much more valuable things I can be doing.

Now MBA.
It's a mixture of reasons. I regularly examine my life and prune whatever is not of value. This month my MBA schooling fell under that category. When I started, it was of immense value. Even that time when I wrote that post on how I was getting very high grades and praising the MBA programme, I was being very sincere. It has changed my business thinking for life and good. I now think like a seasoned businessman. It has shown me what successful entrepreneurs do to build an industry giant. And luckily, now I have done most of the core courses: 7 out of 12. It has been very intensive too. I think I have already learned most of all it has to teach me. And that's part of the reasons for suspending the program. The other part is that I now have a clear roadmap of how I will build my business. I don't have much time and want to make the most of the time I have now, as the plan is time-sensitive. Every delay I make in completing the different phases of the roadmap messes with the entire plan and might render everything unworkable. So I again had to pull the plug on everything non-essential and squeeze out time from every corner I can. And this is the main reason I quit (actually, I don't have a plan of restarting the MBA) the MBA program. I consider what I have to do now way much more important than the MBA. I don't even mind the money I have paid for the MBA program. What I have learned so far is well worth the money I have paid. But I will let it make me lose bigger opportunities if I continue doing it.

One thing being an entrepreneur has given me is the ability to be clear headed. To not have to worry about a bigger system or approval to do what I feel is best for me. And now focusing on my new roadmap to success is what is best for me, whatever needs to be cleared out of the way will be cleared out of the way.


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