Bought A Small Drone (Quadcopter)

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So yesterday, I ordered a drone on Amazon. A small quadcopter. And that brings me to: what is the difference between a drone, a quadcopter and a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)? Some of us get confused with the almost interchangeable use of those words (like I did in the post title).

A drone is an unmanned plane/aircraft (be it a military one, a for business one or a toy one)
A quadcopter is an aircraft with four main rotors. It's more about the design of the aircraft than who's flying it. Technically, it could be a drone or a passenger plane. But for now, only drones use that design.
And UAV. It's pretty straightforward: an aircraft programmed to fly on its own and can be remote controlled. In essence, a drone (besides being also a male bee) is a UAV.

Back to the main gist.

I was preparing for a training I have for GfK next week Monday. In the email signature of the head of the department whose team I would be conducting for, there's a link to this market research report GfK did on millennials. It was made in form of a video and posted on YouTube, which was where the link directs to. After watching the report video, I saw another one by GfK on Tech Trend for 2016. Being a tech lover, I clicked on it and one of the trends they discussed is the rise of drones for business use. I then decided to buy one and use it to freak out my neighbours :)

So I went on Amazon and bought the low cost highly rated SYMA X5C.

The Quadcopter

The remote

It should get to me by month end. I ordered extra battery pack and blades.

I will share my adventures with it, hopefully, soon.


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