Need Ideas On What Applications To Build

I have resumed my C# and ASP.Net MVC classes; I am now progressing rapidly with my web application development learning. I have two excellent teachers: one takes me an hour every weekday and the other takes me on weekends only for two and half hours each day. So I end up doing 10 hours of intensive class learning every week: 5 hours in total from Monday to Friday and another 5 hours in total from Saturday to Sunday.

I have learned enough to now build my own web applications. And now I need your help with ideas of what applications I should build.

Currently, the ideas I have are these:

  1. A stock analysis application. I have already gathered the financial reports of companies on the Nigerian Stock Exhange for the past 8 years (12 years for some) and created the quantitative analysis in Excel. Now I am trying to do it as a web application. You can go on it and pick a stock you are interested in analysing and see all its Income Statement, Balance Sheet Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Performance Ratios, Liquidity Ratios and Leverage Ratios. The main advantage of the app is that you can see for all the years at once and even run comparison between two or more stocks. It will have charts too and (as a premium feature) you can download the analysis.
  2. Nigerian Forex Calculator. It will allow you see the exchange rate of the Naira to other currencies in the world. The unique difference it will have is that it will do only Naira to/from other currencies. So would be easier to use for Nigerians that the one you have to scroll down to look for Naira and then pick the other currency. Also, I will give it a web service push function, so it will push to you daily the USD/NGN, GBP/NGN and EUR/NGN rates.
  3. Savings and Investment Calculator. It will help you know how much or how long you need to save or invest for to reach a particular investment goal. It will also help you calculate what your investment will be worth in a specific year if you set aside a specified amount monthly.
  4. Brain Quiz Application. Something to test your Naija sense. It will have questions only smart Nigerians will know the answers to. And I will allow people to contribute questions and there will be a leaderboard to show the smartest participants. 
  5. Random Joke and Quote: Something to get you out of a moody mood. Just click on a button and you see a funny joke or a motivational quote. By the sixth time you are clicking on the button, you will be smiling and motivated, and should get back to work.
And those are the ideas I currently have. 

Now your turn. What application will you like to have me build? Thanks in advance!


  1. Hi Michael. My suggestion is a language app that will help kids/teenagers/adults learn local languages - Ibo, Yoruba and Hausa. Something instructive, yet fun..

  2. I think the "A stock analysis application" and the "Savings and Investment Calculator" will be almost perfect apps to solve problems you've always related to and wished people could have though. My sentiment though.

    Back to the question, building an application that's make your own job super easy (almost seamless should do) as this could help lots of business owners and clients alike. anything that fits that bill would do for me. Love you boss!

  3. I like the ideas you've drawn up here. All 5 ideas are cool. i would love to use them


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