How I Am Finding My Daily French Class At Alliance Francais. Also Updated My Stock Analysis App.

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It's now three weeks since I began my daily french classes at Alliance Francaise, Yaba. I have missed half of my classes but it was expected. I am happy to say I am making noticeable progress. I am now forced to practice french almost daily and I am learning within a proven structure. 

The teachers, the materials we use and my fellow students are all ensuring I not only learn but put to use the new French skills I am acquiring.

To make up for the classes I miss, I gathered all my past french class materials from as far back as 2009 and try to read up on more than what is taught in the class. 

It has not been easy combining it with work but I was well-prepared mentally for it. I knew it would be very tough and I have to do it. I am not lagging too behind, competence-wise, in the class. I also created a Whatsapp group for the class so we can discuss in French outside of class and improve ourselves. I was hoping it would also encourage me to work harder at not missing classes.

We have a total of three teachers taking us (my class). One takes us from 9:00am to 12:30pm (a 30 mins lunch break inclusive) and another takes us from 12:40pm (after a 10 mins break) to 1:30pm when the class ends. 

One of the teachers heads a French club, called Club RFI, and I have enrolled. This Friday there will be an international event with big names from within and outside Nigeria coming. Below is the flyer, in case you are interested in attending.

In another news, I have updated my stock analysis app. It now shows percentage change in the stock price on the scroller with green for price gain and red for loss. You can checkout the fully interactive one at


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