Planning For My First Vacation In 5 Years

The truth is I have never taken a vacation before -- not just in 5 years. The only time I have taken off work was in 2011 and not really a vacation. I was downsized out of job in September 2011 and I went to Cotonou to go practice French for one month. It looked more like I went there on business rather than vacation. So, again, in reality I have never gone on a vacation.

Now I am planning to have a genuine vacation. Recently, I have been noticing that even the clients on my neck go for vacation. When I finally try to surprise them and send them a really good progress update on the work, I get an auto-response that they are on vacation and have no access to email and I should contact someone else. It has happened so many times and I think it's my turn. I want them to also feel what it is like when they send me an email (about their always urgent project) and they get a vacation message from me. 

Maybe something like -- "I am in the Baa hamas. Don't confuse it with Bahamas. This one has no phone network. I don't know when the next cruise boat will pass by as they are the only way to get in and out of this island. But don't worry, I will definitely be back and work on your urgent task. Thank you!"

The only problem with the plan is I hope it is cheap to do vacation in Baa hamas (again, not Bahamas). Any way, I will be going on a real vacation soon. Already planning it. It looks impossible but that's why it's going to be much fun. I am sure the business will shut down for the period of my vacation. So it's both me and the business going on vacation. I will probably need to do blog posts to cover the period of the vacation before getting off the e-grid. But that's not a necessity, I will keep writing daily anywhere I am and when I come back, I will post them.

Wish me luck!


  1. It's necessary Micheal.hoping to go on one too. I know there are agents /companies that can arrange it for u, thus cutting out some and help u make choice places. Please endeavour to research on this and give us a feedback to the best available agents / companies, as u have always done. More power.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Will be sure to give update!

  2. It's necessary Micheal.hoping to embark on one myself too. However heard there are reputable agents / companies that arrange for u, making it less stressful n cheaper, if true. Please endeavour to research on it give us a feedback esp for those of us, planning of following ur footsteps. More power


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