French Again. I've Got a Problem With Quitting.

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I definitely have got a problem. I easily lose control over the things I start doing. As much as I hate to admit it, I am helpless about two third of the things I do. I often have great ways of explaining the logic behind the things I do that make me look like I am in control of my actions, but the truth is that I just do them and find a reason for doing them latter. 

I easily take things to the level of obsession. And not deliberately. The only thing I do in moderation is overdoing things.

Yesterday, French resurrected in my life. Earlier this year, I gave up learning French and made a resolution to move on. I wasn't making good enough headway to justify the time and resources I was continuously offering it. I was making good progress on my resolution. Once in a while, the temptation comes but I have always managed to overcome. Well, until yesterday. The temptation overcame me. And, again, I am not in control of what I commit to doing.

It is like writing this daily posts, a project I embarked on in July of 2013. It is like brushing with my left hand, a fun activity I started in 2010. It is like many other things I now daily do but too ashamed to state on this blog. You would be very wrong to think I find it hard to write daily than not to write daily. You would be very wrong to think that brushing daily for the past 6 years with my left hand must require a lot of dedication. The truth is I am helpless against them. Not doing those tasks is, now, extremely hard. 

Yesterday, I changed my PC language setting to French. I changed my phone language to French. I restarted my French learning. And this time, I have no choice. French learning has now become part of my daily compulsive activities. I am no longer learning it just to know it, now my learning is because I can't not learn it.


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