Need Your Help. I'm Working On A White Paper For Data Analysis Industry In Nigeria.

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There is a lot of buzz around data analysis and big data, but what are the opportunities really like in Nigeria? Do companies in Nigeria consider it a big deal? Do people see any career improvement from acquiring data analysis skills? Or is it all hype? These are the questions my industry white paper will address.

So I have set up a short, interesting and fun to fill survey. And I need your help in getting the survey filled so we can all benefit from the insights that will be made openly available to us all.

You can fill the survey here: Value of Data Survey

The survey is to help sift the signal from the noise. To show us all what corporate Nigeria think about data and its analysis; whether people have been hurt by lack of data analysis skills; whether careers have been lifted by it and whether there is a big ready market for those with the skills.

From my experience as a consultant on an MTN market research project, I have made the survey unintrusive, fun to fill and very short. It will take you 1 - 2 minutes to fill. And I used the best survey platform in the world to design a beautiful looking and elegant survey.

Already, I have been getting responses between yesterday night, when I created the survey, and now. Someone even left a very touching feedback: "I hope your survey promote data analysis in Nigeria"

You can fill the survey here: Value of Data Survey

Another feedback I got is: "While there is a big potential market for data analysis, the Nigerian economy is still too slow at embracing its potentials."

Still another: "A lot of data being gathered or presented to top management in a lot of organizations are usually not well represented because a lot of managers do not even understand the right tools to use for what kind of reporting. I think organizations need to start taking their data analysis more seriously."

Here are screenshots of some of the fun questions.

You can fill the survey here: Value of Data Survey


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