How To Get The Most Out Of Each Day

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I see a common mistake a lot of people make. The treat each day as a separate entity and try to make the most of each day separately. It is a sub-optimal way of treating each day. Imagine trying to make the most of each Naira you have separately. Just has that will be a poor financial planning decision, so also it is a poor time management decision to isolate each day and fill it with activities that are unconnected with other days.

You plan your finances based on all you have: your entire income, expenses and financial goals. You don't plan for each Naira of your income. That is not how you make the most of your finances. So why should you plan each day separately?

Effective financial planning, whether for businesses or individuals, is built on delayed gratification. Companies spend upfront to harvest gain in the future. Proper personal finance involves setting aside a considerable portion of your income for future gain. It's all about the very big picture, not just financial success today or buying all you can today, but taking a long-term look at your life and planning accordingly. And it should be same with how you treat your time.

You should see each day as part of something much bigger. Delay your gratification. Have days you sweat so you can smile in the end. Have days you do nothing so you can have energy and sound health to achieve more in the end. Take on big projects that will cause you to have days you work hard with little to show for the hardwork. Make each day count toward something really big.

I believe that is the only way to get the most of out each day. To have a grand plan and spend each day strategically towards achieving that plan. The same way we have a big financial goal and spend each Naira strategically towards achieving that financial plan. Don't judge each day in isolation, by how much you get from it. Rather fill each day with a purpose that exceeds it.

Do something today that will make tomorrow a better day, and cascade into weeks and months and years after. And you will be making the most of each day.


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