Personal Finance e-Conference Is Today

It is not enough to be on the right path, you have to also make sure you are heading in the right direction. 


Most of us already know how to manage our finances, handle our savings and invest for the future. But it doesn't hurt to reinforce our knowledge and get some extra motivation to push us in the right direction rather than just stuck in one spot on the right path.

The LIMER™ Personal Finance Conference I shared details of about 3 weeks ago is finally holding today. It is set-up to hold over Whatsapp. All you need to be part of it is to send a message with your FULL NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS to +2347085666618. The organizers are one of the most organized team I have come across. They make sure no one spam the group with messages, even greetings. It's strictly formal/business. They add you in the background, everything is silent till start of the conference. The different sessions hold, after each session there is an interactive Q&A and they've got very experienced and practical experts handle different sessions.

The e-Conference is scheduled to start at 9:00am and end at 3:00pm (Nigerian time) today. There are 5 sessions:
Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi - Personal Finance Basics
'Dayo Ayeni - Entrepreneurship
Ope' Osiyemi - Insurance
'Bisi Ogunwale - Financial Intelligence
Michael Olafusi - Investments

You can see that I am really fortunate to hold a session. I was given a session they are sure I have both theoretical and practical (real world) expertise in. And it's same across the other sessions. There are already over 200 people registered for the e-Conference and we can still accommodate more. There is a dedicated moderator making sure everyone is silent till allowed to talk/type. 

I can't wait to add to my store of knowledge from the other sessions and gained something from the Q&A for my session.

If you are also signed up for the e-Conference, see you later in the day!


  1. I attended the conference live. It was fantastic and your session was simply A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Thanks for taking your time to answer questions too (including mine :)).

    To the LIMER™ team, I say a big THANK YOU.

    1. Thanks a lot for attending and the kind feedback!


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