What It Is Like To Work For 15 Days Non-stop

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Since Feb 29, when I put up the advert of our Excel training on Linda Ikeji's blog, I have been working daily non-stop. Shuffling between doing client's projects, following up on people interested in our Lagos/Abuja Excel training class and organizing the training. Not a single day of enough rest.

I am now much more selective of phone calls I pick. I am not superman and can't be working round the clock everyday. I am also now more rigid with my pricing. No more "abeg" pricing. For once, I now understand the economic theory that says excess demand leads to higher price. I have been hoping it is practically true and now I see it happening in my favour.

Since January 2015 when we started our monthly Excel training, the price has gone up from N25,000 to N30,000, to N35,000 to N40,000 (stayed at N40,000 for a long time) and is now at N50,000. That is 100% price increase in 1 year! And you know the best part of it all? In January 2015 we had 5 people. February 2016 (this year, that the price is now N50,000) we had 10 people. And this month (March) we had 12 people. And there's also Abuja training for this month, and we are on course to having 6 or more people for the Abuja training.

It taught me that pricing is a powerful tool. And I am intending to use it to fix my overcrowded work schedule. I now have recurrent backaches and have become extremely forgetful and unable to think about non-work related things as much as I should. I will be putting myself out of reach of a lot of clients, so I can earn more from fewer work.

I am in this business for life; I have no need to rush. As long as I don't go bankrupt or ruin the business, I can always expand aggressively in the future. For now, I have to keep my health, acquire the skills I need to deliver enterprise solutions and enjoy the work I do (rather than be a slave of it).

It's not fun to work 15 days non-stop. My head feels heavy all day. I forget to eat too often. And sometimes, it kills the fun in the work.


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