Being Creative Always Pays

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Some of the videos have poor picture quality (bluish), the setting very simple, the cast also few and the length 1 - 2 minutes. But the creativity is world class!

All their videos on YouTube are doing very well -- with viewership and comments across the globe. They are the newest reminder of the fact that you don't need the best resources to be creative. In fact, the simpler/fewer the better.

They are Mark Angel Comedy

And these are some of my favourite among their short comedies:

I feel like saying I am going to work more of my creative ideas: write novels, poems, web apps ... But I am sure people are tired of hearing me say such things. I should just do rather than bore people with the talk of doing. 

Luckily, this is an extra motivation to do whatever I can do with whatever I have when the creative ideas are still brimming. Because creativity, even when alone, always pays. Besides, the more I delay the bigger the odds against my actual doing and, worse, I might lose interest in my creative ideas.

My advice also to you is to work on your creative ideas while you still have them because someday you will not have them anymore. Like Warren Buffett phrased it, "My idea quota used to be like Niagara Falls — I'd have many more than I could use. Now it's as if someone had dammed up the water and was letting it flow out with an eye dropper". 


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