The Entrepreneurship Journey: Prepare To Make Lots Of Mistakes

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A lot of times I try get some motivation from the people who have built successful companies: Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg. I watch a lot of Evan Carmichael's Top 10 Rules For Success series. He creates a collection of the Top 10 successful people followed to achieve their success.

The one that inspired this post is the one on Mark Zuckerberg's Top 10 Rules For Success.

One of his rules for success is that you should be prepared to make lots of mistakes. He said he couldn't count the number of times Facebook could have died. That as an entrepreneur, no matter how much you try to learn from other people's mistakes, you are still going to end up making a lot of mistakes. That what matters most is your preparation to stick to the end. To not quit or be demotivated. That to build a successful business you will have to do something no one else is doing or do something that looks common at a never before-reached scale/level.

According to him, when Facebook started, they were not the first nor the only one in the social media field. There were bigger and more established rivals with more resources than them. But what changed the game in their favour was they had the biggest passion for it. They were not just trying to get the most people to use what they've built, they were obsessed with building what people will want to use. They focused on the core: what mattered most and not profit from the day one. They wanted to help people keep their friendships alive and thriving. So they went to lengths others didn't go.

I also watched the one by Elon Musk. He also said as an entrepreneur, the only way you can do as good or better than the competition is if you are innovative: either you create something completely new and useful or you greatly improve on a product class so much that your competition can't answer back. And in doing this you need one mindset: ignore failures. You have to take failures and mistakes as part of the process to getting to that near perfect product.

You can watch his video below.

So if you are on the entrepreneurship road (full-time or part-time), don't be bogged down by your mistakes or even avoid making mistakes. Just have a mind to keep pursuing success.


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