Your Biggest Source Of Income

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One of the best advice I have received is: Focus on your career, that is where most of your income will come from.

Yes, your career is your biggest source of income. You can win a N5 million jackpot (for those into NairaBet, SureBet and MTN trivia game). But that will not be anything compared to what you'll get from your day job (or business) over a period of time.

Recently, I have been distracted by a lot of speculative investment vehicles: Binary Options and Forex. I have a significant monthly income from my video training course and Amazon book sales which I have been thinking of a way to invest immediately they come in. I have been meeting a lot of people into Forex who say they are doing good. My case with Forex is a sorry one. So I decided to give Binary Options a trial. And now, I can say it's not really better than Forex and my experience with it isn't a good one. Now I am settling for a more conventional investment account, planning to invest in a US index fund, most likely a S&P 500 Index fund.

In the period I have been trying out the binary options and seeing how to up my Forex trading, I have been less productive at my work/business. Delaying clients' jobs and being less motivated to think creatively on growing my business. Yet, I was making more passive income from Amazon book sales and Udemy video course while losing money and time to binary options and forex.

I know that there are people making money from forex and binary options, but all the ones I know are doing it at either a full-time level or as a serious part-time engagement. They follow foreign news, do technical analysis and use up many hours a week to get whatever gain they get from them. I believe that is what is giving them the edge. It is a career for them. And I already have my own career, something more than a full-time job. I am not ready to add forex or binary options to it.

I did some calculations and found out that if I invest the same amount of time they do, into my Udemy course and ebook writing and expanding my training offering I will be making just as much money as the best forex trader or binary options person without any risk of losing them all one day. I knew this already and wanted an auto trader solution. So I tried the BinaryOptionRobot, Binary-Option-Robot (another one) and Mike's Auto Trader. None performed as advertised/expected. I wanted something to set and forget,and just redirect my online earnings to for growth and preservation.

Now, I have to keep searching for what will meet that need. I am hoping the index investment I am trying will be that. But I won't be sacrificing my career for any new stuff. Over 70% of one's lifetime earning will come from one's career, and it's where one should focus his time and energy. Whatever extra income source that one can't automate should not be allowed to interfere with one's career.

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  1. You are really doing a great job here bro. Thanks so much for the education.


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