Handling Distractions

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Everyday I end up doing three set of activities:

  1. The things I must do
  2. The things I planned to do
  3. The things I didn't plan to do
Then in the set of things I didn't plan to do are the ones I wish I didn't do. The distractions. The two movies I shouldn't have watched on the same day. The hours I spent scrolling through Facebook. The time wasted on YouTube. The time burned up in traffic going for an unimportant event. 

So how do I handle distractions?

I have read and tried many suggestions, but I found out that the most effective way to reduce distractions is to have definite tasks planned out for the day. Have a clear list of things you want achieved and don't worry if you spend the rest of the day engrossed in your favourite distraction. Just make sure that you load the day with enough planned activities that distractions will turn to vital in-between rests.

I also try to not add to my list of addictive distractions. You won't see me trying out a new game. Or trying to catch up on the new hollywood blockbuster releases. I avoid TV series (season and episode movies). I avoid a lot of things I am scared will turn addictive with no value to me. I already know how hard it is to break free when I'm in the movie mood. It's just recently I'm getting to control my social media addiction. I am not willing to take up new addictive distractions.

I try to make work more fun too. I try to make my planned activities not look like punishment. Sometimes, this can be very tough to achieve especially when they involve things I don't enjoy doing. Over time, what I have done is gradually pull away from all activities I detest. I avoid taking up jobs I hate. I avoid making promises I won't be happy to keep. I avoid people who involve me in activities I dislike. I make more deliberate choices.

For me handling distractions is more about getting a productive day. Once I have done enough to consider the day productive, I let the distractions roll.

And my favourite distraction? It's sleeping. 


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