The Battle Within

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Within everyone is a perpetual battle. For some it is a battle between being evil and being less evil. For another set of some it is a battle between being bad and being good. And for a lucky set of some it is a battle between being good and being perfect.

Everyday you have to lots of choices to make -- both the ones you make without much consideration and the ones you make after lots of consideration. Then there are those ones in a while choices, the choices that set the direction of your life. And they come with so many complex parts that mess up your concept of what is right and wrong, good and evil, necessary and optional. You find out that what is right is probably not good. And what is wrong might be necessary.

Some fight this battle all alone. Another set of some get friends and mentors to help. And some others get divine help.

The ones who fight alone have the toughest experience. They have to define everything. They have to set the standard. They have to be their own judge. And they have to be both the defendant and the plaintiff. And it's no small task, especially when you are not in a good mood.

Then those who enlist the help of friends and mentors, have it better. They don't have to play the three roles at once. They can have a friend be the judge and another the plaintiff, while they play the defendant. The only trouble is if you've got the wrong guy on your case, the trouble might be more that the alone-guy experiences.

The last set have the least work. They don't have to bother about setting standards; they have a dependable judge and they easily know when they are guilty or not. Best part: they know how to remedy whatever situation they are in. They have an easier time winning the battle within.


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