Learned Something New About Forex That Contributes Significantly To Profit

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Yesterday, I met a forex guru who owns his own forex trading company. He came for a digital and social media marketing class I am facilitating, with the hope of growing his company's reach using the skills he'll get at the training.

And being a smart guy, I made sure I got some advice from him on how to make more from my forex account. I showed him my forex trade strategy and trade history. He taught me how to export the trade history, take them to Excel and do whatever analytical magic I want to do. 

We found out that I did about 200 trades last year and turned a decent profit. Then he said if I had enabled a trade rebate, I would have gotten a lot more profit going by my trade records. He advised me to call my broker and request they enable trade rebate for my account.

I didn't waste anytime; it was time to wish my account manager happy new year. I called him and talked a lot of by-the-way stuffs before getting to the very reason for my call. He asked me to send him my InstaForex account number and that he would activate it immediately for me.

Then I also went into my forex account settings and enabled extra potential profit generating features. I joined the InstaForex PAMM-trader platform, so InstaForex can publicize my trade account performance and allow people to give me money to invest for them with profit share. I also joined the ForexCopy platform that allows me to copy other traders winning strategy and let them copy mine (with some profit share coming back to me).

I am still testing the waters with funds I am okay to lose. And as the guru guy was impressed by the performance of my Forex Robot, I don't do trades myself. Everything is on autopilot. Once I am confident of the settings and strategy I configured for the robot, and it's making significant profit, I will put in more money and expect it to grow while I am busy with the other stuffs in my life.


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