Multiple Streams Of Income

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It all adds up. Especially, when you are not looking.

I have made over $5,000 from my online activities. Most of the money comes in as $1 per day as earning from Adsense, $78 per month from a freelance work for a client in UK, occasional $100+ from other freelance work. I use for most of my freelance work. I get about a dozen dollars per month from my book sales. I used to get about $80 per month from my online course too till PayPal slammed the door in my face.

This year I decided to make a prudent decision. To stop buying gadgets from Amazon and Ebay with the dollar money I earn. I decided to start investing them. Despite losing about $600 to binary options and forex around January (actually, inclusive of some parts of December 2015) I still managed to save about $3,000 this year. So trust me when I say all those little here and there do definitely add up.

The same with my Naija business activities. In addition to my standard offering, I make money via partnership with over 6 businesses. I handle training for them. Few months I get up to N2 million and another few months N300,000. Most months are in the middle of that range. But they are usually in tranches of N30,000 and N50,000 deals. I even get amazed when I see what they add up to.

So do not despite the little beginnings. Never look down on the N100 and the $5 opportunity. In the past four years I have seen my income grow five fold (even reaching 10x occasionally) and nothing as changed in my life except the increased number of those small opportunities I am now connected to. In fact, my (personal) expenses have gone down and I don't even dress as expensively/impressively as before. So if it was to be by personal branding (impressive clothing, high power networking and location) I should be earning less than I did four years ago. I have completely stopped going to networking events on Victoria Island. I have fewer good clothes and just two good shoes. I dress less professionally. I even look poorer now. And thanks to the bridge construction around Abule-Egba, I seldom drive anymore. Everything that should go up in a typical professional's life has been going down in mine. 

And that is why I can tie it all to God and his provision of more small multiple income streams to me. They sure do add up. So please give them a try.


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