What Business Data Analysis Is All About

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Business data analysis is all about making the most of your business data. Searching for more efficient ways to manage your business, opportunities for increased sales, ways of achieving cost savings, better stock management, inventory management and giving your business an edge.

In the business data analysis world, the more you know the better placed you are to outpace the competition. You are able to anticipate issues before they happen and see opportunities others aren't seeing.

Business data analysis is beyond a tool, be it Excel or SAS or R. It is you using any tool you know best to use to and learning the science part of it to achieve the objectives I have listed. To get it right you need to learn:

  • what data is
  • ways of transforming data
  • matching data with business needs
  • a good tool of the business (there's a level you'll need a mix of tools)
  • to work with different business scenarios
  • to creatively create templates and dashboards for your analysis
  • and to make the business value very visible
It takes a lot of dedicated learning and practice. You can't stop at the theory and industry trend story part. You have to do it to know it. Like swimming and most other valuable skills in life. There's no manual to use for all situations. There's no industry book of knowledge (bible). Your only certificate of expertise is your work portfolio.

But it's a very interesting field as you learn a lot about the business you are helping in order to help them. In the end you get more than pay from every job/project.


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