Form Habits Around Your Goals

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We are creatures of habit. Well, that's what my Toastmasters mentor used to say. And as much as I don't like to consider myself a creature of habit, I find that I make steady progress when I form a habit around my goals.

I'm sure you are not surprised to see my post this morning. In fact, you were expecting it. "Michael writes daily. It's a habit of his." See. That's what I mean by forming a habit around your goals. It wasn't always like this. There was a not so long ago time when I was doing about 28 posts a year. Lol. That's what I now do on the shortest month of the year. And as this year is a leap year, I hope to do more than that this February.

The start of everything is very tough that it is why we often gather a lot of motivation first. But after we start, if we don't quickly build a habit to drive us towards our goal we will struggle to get there.

Think about the job you have been most dissatisfied with. Maybe it's is the company you didn't like or it's your boss and colleagues that were the annoyance or it's the actual job role you hated. Yet you were consistently doing the job while there. Then think about the goal you've most wanted to achieve, that personal objective. You have all the desire to go after it and all the reasons to back it up. You are sure your life will be better for it. Yet you are not as consistent at it as the job you hated. 


It is because you built a habit around that job and didn't build any around that personal goal. You woke up every weekday and resumed work at 8:00am regardless of what you felt or which side of your bed you woke.

Now take that lesson and apply it to the things you really want to do. The personal goals you have. The only thing is don't be unrealistic. Form one habit at a time. Don't try to form multiple habits at once or else you are not interested in succeeding and want a very frustrating way to fail.

I wish you success as you build, one at a time, habits around the goals that matter to you!


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