My Improved/Updated Business Data Analysis With Excel Online Training Course

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I have updated my Business Data Analysis with Excel online training course. And will continue to update it with new topics and as Microsoft keeps improving/increasing the business data analysis tools in Microsoft Excel.

I will also be expanding it to cover predictive analysis, deep analytics and every useful analysis tool/technique I know.

Luckily, there is a promo going on and you can access the training at a huge discount. If you are reading this too late and unable to access the discount, you can reach me and I'll get you a discount coupon.

I intend to make this the most comprehensive training course on Business Data Analysis available in the world. Currently, I have about 2 dozen students from 5 different countries across the globe (USA, UK, Australia, Canada & Nigeria). I will keep the course updated with new features in every new version of Excel and also every new tool I master in the business data analysis world.

I will be doing special coverage of the Power BI tools and practical application. I will also be teaching the very deep aspects of analytics. I will be covering, in very practical and easy to understand ways, the seemingly academic topics like Regression, time series, modelling and probability distribution. And as is my signature way, I will be using very easy to follow business relevant practical illustrations.

I don't plan to have another video training course, so I will be pouring myself into this one and raising the price as I add to the curriculum.

To see if you will need the training course, here is the course link: 


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