Creative Ways To Make Money Online


Everyday I make money online. It is not so much, ranging from $120 to $800 monthly. And that is not factoring in the offline opportunities I get from my online activities.

So what are the creative ways you can open yourself up for extra income online?

  1. Sell your service online. Whatever service you can render, have it listed on, and And if it involves selling a product, then get a seller page on and Every week I get calls from people wanting to buy iTunes card. All I did was to list it online: on a few websites comment section, and The gain is not so much but it's easy and quick. 
  2. Sell your expertise online. This is my main source of offline business income. Most of our clients found us online and it's because I sold my expertise online. I made it easy for people to find me when they search for services I render and training we conduct. You don't even need to have a website or do paid adverts, just post about your service/expertise on and other popular forums and you'll soon start getting a few enquiries. Then if you really want to take things big, set up a website and social media accounts. Do paid adverts to targeted audience and you'll be getting calls almost daily.
  3. Have a blog. Posting articles online, on your own blog/platform, gives you two things: publicity and opportunities. And if you give out valuable information, people will reach out to you for business and you can earn from adverts on your blog. The truth in my case is that I wouldn't have started my own business if not for the opportunities my blog brought me. In form of valuable friends, clients and exposure to digital marketing. These are assets that I am now monetizing. 
  4. Social media promotion. If you are great with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, then you can make money from your time there. In my case, I created non-personal accounts and grew them to thousands of followers. Currently, my non-personal twitter account has over 55,800 followers. I use them to promote services, products and adverts for other companies. It's a nice way to get something back for all the time and internet subscription money used up in your social media activities.
  5. Publish an ebook. I make money monthly from the sales of my ebook on Excel. Imagine if it had been on something more popular or interesting. It encouraged me to hasten work on my novel because now I have tasted the reality of publishing and selling a book online.
  6. Create an online training course. This is definitely not easy and may not be enticing to most people but if you are up to it then you should do it. I have made over $300 from my online training course despite giving out a lot of free coupons, setting the price ridiculously low, and having to do 50 - 50 revenue share with Udemy. And it's money that comes while you are busy with other things or even sleeping.
And those are the creative ways I have been making money online and you can consider using too.


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I am getting so much from you. will keep coming back. Thanks!

    1. You're welcome! Glad you find the blog interesting.


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