The Surest Way To Hit Lots Of Money And Become Very Rich


Becoming super rich is one topic everyone has varying opinions. There are endless books on how to work your way into riches, and unfortunately most are just the author's unproven concepts. The academic world skilled in research and uncovering the genuine principles have little interest in the topic. Luckily, some people with the experience, academically sound mind and generous enough to show others the way have provided us the surest way to become super rich.

It is not by changing your attitude, so you can forget about that book on attitude is everything. It is not by improving your people skills or winning friends. Those are like copying the furnishing of a mansion. It is not the furniture that makes the mansion. Without the furniture the mansion would still be a mansion. There are many extremely rich people with terrible attitudes, many with no enviable people skills and some with few friends.

I believe one should always tell himself the truth. If you want to make a chair, you are not going to start and focus on sand papering the wood. You will only end up with a good smooth wood. To make a chair you have to do the core activities first: cut the wood into the different parts that will be nailed together to form a chair. Then you can sand paper. But lots of people take the sand papering approach to getting wealthy. They look at wealthy people and focus on their lifestyle, their habits and all those things they do now that they are wealthy. They don't bother to look at the path they followed from going from poor to rich. They focus more on the made man than the making process.

Today, I intend to share with you surest making process they followed. If you want to be rich, start a business in a field that will explode in 5, 10 years from now. I know it doesn't sound motivating or like the usual stuff we come across. But it's the plain proven truth. I didn't propound it. Look at the biggest auto dealers in Nigeria, they started when buying a car wasn't a rave thing. Microsoft started when market estimate of its industry was very low, no one even thought they would amount to anything and, on top of that, the two founders were just beside the teenage lines (19 years old and 21 years old). Now one of them is the richest in the world. Apple started when no one knew what personal computers were. No one saw a need for their products. Now everyone wants an iPhone and a Mac. Dangote didn't start when the sky was clearest and the opportunities were overwhelming.

The only tough part is to pick a potential winner. Just like Linda Ikeji did, she started when others were sleeping. Now others are running with all their might and still can't catch her. She became the incumbent, market leader and the MTN. You only need to have an eye for the future, the courage to drag through the dark beginning and the ambition to position yourself at the forefront of the field you are playing. And with God smiling at you, you'll become very rich.


  1. I enjoyed d article. Good work. How do 1 identify this path esp in Nigeria? & I learnt that there'll be less Competitors on dis path

    1. No straightforward answer. You need to read wide, be very active (socially) and have deep technical knowledge of a new field. In my case, I am pursuing opportunities in the big data and machine learning space.


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