Why You Should Value Useful Knowledge Over Money

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People win lottery of huge amount of money. People inherit wealth. People hit jackpots and get wealthy in an instant. But I have never heard of anyone suddenly acquire knowledge in an instant. No one has suddenly become a doctor in a lottery fashion. No one has become a successful business manager in an instant by inheritance.

When you think about it, money is way much easier to acquire than useful knowledge. That's why people sometimes become robbers because they know they can acquire wealth in an instant. But as for education (useful knowledge) you must commit years of studying and practice/hardwork to acquire it. You can't win it in a lottery. You can't inherit it. You can't suddenly come about it.

Then there is the more interesting part to it. If you are very deliberate about your education and sensible, you won't have to struggle too hard to get all the money you want. You leverage your knowledge to generate money. And knowledge make you live a more interesting life, have a more respected opinion, and feel more at ease among the high class (be it the super-rich or the highly educated).

When people go from rags to riches, it is usually on the wings of the valuable knowledge they acquired. And when people go from grace to grass, the ones who originally rose by having valuable knowledge always bounce back.

In all ways, it is always better to prioritize useful knowledge over money.


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