Have Some Belief In Yourself

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I see too many people who don't have enough belief in themselves. They are constantly letting others push them around. They work hard but not for themselves.

When you have ideals that have been pushed on you. When you do things that the only reason you have for doing is because that is what is expected of you. When you don't value the results of examining your life, the path you are on, the principles you uphold, the values you have and the very thoughts that occupy your mind; then you are not having enough belief in yourself. Be deliberate in your actions, especially as it regards the course of your life.

Don't confuse it with being ungodly or being self-centered. On the contrary, it helps you become more true to your belief in God. You no longer blindly follow the masses or popular opinion. The best Christians aren't ones with an autopilot life. They are the ones deliberate in their service to God and their fellow humans. They are the ones who have genuinely chosen the godly path because they truly believe in it and not because it is what everyone around them is doing. 

When you value your life beyond just ticking the boxes on someone else's list or living up to some vague societal ideal, then you will begin to have genuine values and well thought-out principles. You will be more careful about the path you follow. You will be more happy with your life and have a sound relationship with God (hopefully, if that's what you choose). God forbid that you choose to live an ungodly life, but at least you won't be a hypocrite. You won't say one thing and act another just to please the society.

If we all have enough belief in ourselves the world will become more bearable for us all; we will all know all the good people and the bad people. We will know more accurately how close to the end of the world we are. We won't need to have complex and always changing methods of finding out the truth about people. And most economically beneficial of all, people will be less wasteful in their actions and speech. They will do only the things they are genuinely convinced of.


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