Meet Scrivener, One Of The Best Tools For Writers

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On Monday, I finally got my Microsoft Excel book for busy professionals published on Amazon. I couldn't have done it without the amazing writing software called Scrivener.

Scrivener is a very popular software for writers. It helps you with writing your book -- be it a novel or technical book. It is particularly developed for writers so it takes out the frustrations you'll have with Microsoft Word and helps you organize your writing. You can put your research, ideas and main novel part in one place. But the best part for me is that it easily lets me convert my book into an eBook format that is acceptable by Amazon Kindle and Nook.

I bought Scrivener last year. My initial plan was to use it to complete the writing of my first novel -- Akin Smith. Now, I have used it to write my first published book -- Microsoft Excel and Business Data Analysis for The Busy Professional.

I will be running a promo on the book starting today. It will be available for download for free for just a very short period of time. I will send you a mail if you are already on my mailing list as soon as the promo starts. If you are not on my mailing list you can leave a comment or email me for the notification on how to get the book free. And if you have previously asked me for the book in the Valentine Offer I gave in February then you have no worries, you will be notified too.

I am already working on publishing a hardcopy version too. I have two options -- to use Amazon's CreateSpace or to go with a Nigerian publisher. I am already working with a close friend who will help me self-publish the book. I will also read up on CreateSpace and see if I will benefit from going that route too.

Nowadays, I have so many ideas of what to do and too little time to do them all. And I think it's a great thing and I should attempt all I can because, definitely, a time will come when I won't have these many ideas. Everyday speeds by. I work from the moment I wake till I force myself to sleep at midnight, and it is always like I haven't done much. But I like the fact that I am making progress. I daily feel like I can do whatever I set my mind on. And that I can monetize my ideas.

So watch out for my mail on the book promo. It will be a rare opportunity to get the book for free!


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