My Business Data Analysis Course is Now Internationally Available on Udemy For $50.

After about two weeks of setting up, getting rejected and making changes, the hugely popular online learning platform, Udemy, has approved and made internationally available my business data analysis with Excel training course!

You can view it here: Business Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel 

I plan to make it as rich as possible, constantly updating it with new training sessions covering Power BI, ODBC connection setup, PowerPivot, DAX, lots of sample projects, VBA programming in-depth and everything I know on Excel.

It will be my main online Excel training platform. I would be referring those wanting online training there. It frees up the stress of managing an online course, billing and technical set-up.

It's time for me to get the mic and screencast software, and start recording more videos. Even remaking the old ones.

Don't forget to check it out: Business Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel 


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