How To Find Those Hidden Big Company Jobs Using LinkedIn

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A problem the HR of most companies in Nigeria face is managing applications for job vacancies. They all want an automated system that will filter out huge amount of unqualified people who apply for the jobs they post. They also don't want 100,000 applications for just one job opening.

Increasingly they've been using LinkedIn to fix some of these problems. Rather than put up the job opening on Newspapers and popular job sites, which often result in thousands of applications sent in. They put it put up on LinkedIn. And by doing so they have cut down the number of low quality applications they get by a huge percentage. So they get much fewer applicants who at the same time are better qualified for the job than those the general media publication attracts.

It is the method multinationals expanding to Nigeria prefer the most. They already use LinkedIn and can set up the vacancy advert without needing to fly down to Nigeria or contact a job board in Nigeria.

So how can you access these hidden jobs? Jobs you won't see on Jobberman or Guardian Newspaper.

You use LinkedIn. Sign up, if you haven't already. 

Login to LinkedIn and go to the Jobs page.

You'll see all the jobs posted by companies in Nigeria and companies expanding to Nigeria. And if you want to apply for jobs in other countries (UAE, UK, US, Australia, ...) you only need to set the country in the "What location(s) would you like to work in?" box (see it in the image above).

Click on a job you are interested in.

Apply for the job.

At the right side of the job page, you will see other jobs you might be interested in.

And at the bottom of the job page, you will see similar jobs you might consider applying for.

And that is one of the easiest way to access those hidden big company jobs.

Bonne Chance!


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