Installing Windows 10 (part 2)

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Hurray! I finally got the Windows 10 installed successfully, with all my programs and files intact.

I'll continue yesterday's post, where I stopped at the Installation prompt stage,

I clicked on Install.

My laptop restarted about 3 to 4 times.

71% done. 

96% done.

Almost done.

The new cool login view.

And finally done!

Take a look at the beautiful start menu and the new internet browser, Edge.

And Cortana is quite cool. You can ask it anything and be sure of an answer, even if it will be a funny answer. But it gets some very useful thing done. I simply speak to it like I do to Siri. 

See it's response when I asked it to sing me a song.

And it's got a lovely voice too. Only wished it would sing a not so short song.

Thanks for me wishing me luck yesterday!


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