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A lot of you couldn't join in for the webinar I did on Sunday. I guess it wasn't a very convenient day for most people and some didn't have enough data on their phones to connect live.

Well, today I am sharing with you all the webinar materials: the PowerPoint presentation slides (download here) and the live recording of the entire webinar (watch here).

I started with the theory of digital marketing, how it is different from traditional marketing. Then I talked about the required components to an effective digital marketing and personal branding. After that I proceeded to giving us a live demo.

I started the live demo with LinkedIn. I explained using my profile page how you should optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract eyeballs and especially that of recruiters and business clients. I gave testimonies of how LinkedIn got me my second job that launched my Excel consulting career and how it is constantly getting me a stream of clients (now that I run my own business).

I then talked on how to get a one month free LinkedIn premium account and a hack to get the most value out of it. I went on to explain how to set up an advert on LinkedIn. How to target it to people in a particular location, industry, age bracket, job function and company size. I did a practical demonstration of this.

We moved on to Facebook. I explained how to set up Facebook adverts for dirt cheap. And also target it to as narrow or broad an audience you want. I gave practical comparisons of the conversion rates I get from LinkedIn vs Facebook ads.

I showed the Twitter account I have that has over 31,500 followers. I explained how it came to be and gave some very valuable practical tips you shouldn't ignore. 

I also answered questions you will benefit from. In all, it was a very educating session and you now have the opportunity to access everything: the presentation slides and the webinar video recording

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