This Month Is Microsoft's Big Month: Windows 10, Office 2016 for Mac, Visual Studio 2015 and Power BI launch

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This month is a great one for Microsoft. They are launching several products this month.


July 9: Microsoft launched the Office 2016 for Mac. Now Mac users can enjoy the goodness they missed since the Office 2011 for Mac. If you are more interested in the details and how to get it, head here: Official Release of Office 2016 for Mac.

July 20: Visual Studio 2015 official release date. This will be of more relevance to programmers who use Visual Studio. Microsoft is making great strides and getting more innovative. You can expect a lot more than what was available in the Visual Studio 2013. Head over here for more on this: Visual Studio 2015 release date


July 24: Power BI graduates from the preview version to a fully functional generally available version. On July 24 we will be able to download an updated version of the Power BI designer and access a lot more functionality. You can read more on it here: Power BI becomes generally available.


July 29: Windows 10 launch. The highly anticipated Windows 10 will become fully available on July 29. You can check out the amazing new features it has and even reserve a slot for a free upgrade: Windows 10 


And those are the big events Microsoft has lined up for this month.


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