The Easiest Way To Convert PDF documents to Microsoft Word

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Besides fixing Excel issues and creating amazing PowerPoint slides, the task I have most helped friends with is converting their PDF documents to Microsoft Word documents. And they are always amazed by what excellent job I do (though not amazed enough to do a bank transfer).


It is a very easy task to do. All you need is Microsoft Word 2010 or 2013 (I haven't tried it with Word 2007 yet). 

Open the PDF document from Word. This is often tricky for many people. All you need do is to go to File, Open, and browse for the PDF document you want to convert to Word document.

Once you've selected the PDF document and click OK to open it, Word will prompt you that it will convert the PDF document to Word. Just click on OK as that is what we really want.

Wait a little for it. Once it is done, you'll see the Word version of the PDF document. All that is left for you to do is Save. Save the new Word document.

And that is the easiest way to convert from PDF to Word. And also often the best way.

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  1. PDF WIZ ( is also a great way to convert PDF to Word. It's an offline PDF converter that runs on Windows, and it's free.


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