I Have Joined The Hackintosh Community

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Without intending to I have joined the hackintosh community, a community of people who install Apple's Mac OS on their non-Apple PC. The image above is a screenshot of my Samsung laptop and as you can see, I have Apple's OS X Mavericks running on a VMWare and already upgrading it to OS X Yosemite.

So how did I get into the community?

It all started when I registered for an online course on building iOS apps. As you know, my strategic aim is to move into the enterprise business apps space and replicate the solutions I build for clients in form of an app they can use on their smartphones and tablets.

I originally thought I would need to buy a Macbook as it's general knowledge that Apple won't let you deploy to its app store from a  Windows or Linux PC. Fortunately, as I progressed through the course I found out that I could have the Mac OS without buying a Macbook.

And that's how I joined the hackintosh community.

But beyond learning to build iOS apps on the Mac OS, I would be trying out the newly released Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac. I would be building Excel programs that would be Mac compatible and also training people on using Office for Mac.

Expect to see more Mac specific posts from me.


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