A Webinar On Personal Branding Online And Growing Your Social Media Reputation

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A lot of my friends are amazed when I tell them that most of our clients come from my online activity. We don't do any offline marketing and we constantly get a stream of customers enough for us to run a monthly Excel training class. And I handle all the online branding and marketing.

I am already getting a few collaborative offers to come facilitate digital marketing and social media branding classes. I have walked the talk and my business is built entirely on digital marketing. So I have the practical and business experience people will want to hear and learn from. Then on top of that I have read the theories and have consulted for one of Nigeria's foremost digital research agency. So you can safely say I have a deep knowledge of both the practical and the theory.

I have decided to share my knowledge and test run the training I would be delivering to paying clients. It would be free for you and you can also ask me all the questions you have about getting results online.

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If you are interested email me at mike[at]urbizedge[dot]com

It would be an online live training (webinar). I will send you the webinar invite so you'll have the joining details. The date of the webinar would be Sunday 12 July 2015 at 6:00pm. 

I would be explaining the following:
  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. a.    What really is digital marketing?
    b.    Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing
    c.    Recent trends in the global business and marketing world
    d.    The components of Digital Marketing
                                             i.    Having a strategy
                                           ii.    Defining your audience
                                         iii.    Matching your audience and your strategy (Optimization)
                                          iv.    Selecting your digital tools
                                            v.    Social media marketing
                                          vi.    Measuring results and making continuous changes
                                         vii.    Building a lasting and profitable relationship with your audience
                                       viii.    Going from good to great: having a cult following

    2)    Social Media Marketing
    a.    Social Media fundamentals
                                             i.    What really is social media?
                                           ii.    How did the social media come about?
                                         iii.    How does the social media work?
                                          iv.    What are the current global trends for businesses?
    b.    Facebook
                                             i.    What really is Facebook?
                                           ii.    How big and effective is Facebook marketing?
                                         iii.    Why your company needs to be present and active on Facebook
                                          iv.    Marketing as against just placing adverts on Facebook
                                            v.    Setting up a Facebook advert (live demo)
    c.    LinkedIn
                                             i.    The Facebook exclusively for professionals and companies.
                                           ii.    How big and rewarding is LinkedIn marketing?
                                         iii.    Why you and your company need to be present and active on LinkedIn
                                          iv.    Marketing and job attracting strategy on LinkedIn
                                            v.    Best practices for effective brand building on LinkedIn
    d.    Twitter
                                             i.    Demystifying Twitter
                                           ii.   Finding out if Twitter will benefit you or not
Don't forget to sign up by emailing me at mike[at]urbizedge[dot]com or replying to this blog post.


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