Effective Personal/Corporate Branding Online and Digital Marketing Webinar

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Today, this evening at 6:00pm, I will be showing you how to build your personal and corporate brand online. And also how to make the most of the digital marketing world.

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I will show you how I grew a twitter following of over 31,000 followers on one of my twitter accounts, an account I wanted to shut down in 2012 because I was frustrated. 

I will show you how I built a very impressive LinkedIn profile. How it got me the job that turned me into the Excel guru and consultant I now am. And how I have kept getting opportunities via LinkedIn. I will also show you how I place adverts on LinkedIn and set up my company page.

I will show you how to run adverts on Facebook for dirt cheap. The strategies to help max out the ROI.

I will show you how I have built my business marketing on digital marketing and have it work for me. I will show you the benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing.

Below are the first three slides in the PPT I will share with you after the webinar. So don't forget to sign up (by replying this post or registering here). The time is 6:00pm today and all you need to join is to go to www.join.me/urbizedge at exactly that time.


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