Installing Windows 10 (part 1)

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Yesterday, Windows 10 was officially launched and I have wasted little time in joining the Windows 10 train.

I use Windows 8.1 Enterprise version so I don't have the free upgrade icon those using the non-enterprise version of Windows 7 and Windows 8 have. For me, the upgrade is not free and I would have to download the Windows 10 image file. Yesterday night I did the download. 

I downloaded the Windows 10 Enterprise version and claimed a free key from Microsoft (one of the little benefits of the MVP award). It was 3.67GB. Took me about an hour to download. Then I began the installation process.

Below is the installation folder after downloading the Windows 10 image file.

I click on Setup.exe and the first thing it does is to check if I need to install any updates before proceeding.

Then it moves on to setting up what's needed to have a seamless installation.

I am shown a License terms page because my own upgrade is the non-free one. I am reminded that I will need a valid license key.

After accepting the terms, it again checks for updates.

Finally I get to the installation proper page. It tells me to save whatever I'm working on and close my files as it will now take full control of my PC and I won't be able to do anything till it is done installing. By default it keeps all my programs and data (I hope it keeps to its word, though)

If all goes smoothly, you will get the part 2 of this post tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


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