How To Easily Manage Your Small/Medium Business Accounting

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Yesterday, I had a small reunion with an old school mate. It had been years we've last seen and a lot had happened to both of us since then. He wanted help with his business financials and reached out to me a couple of weeks ago; and we finally met yesterday.

Like me, he runs his own business. He is into home and office furniture making, and business has been steadily growing since he began some three years ago. Being an architect and having worked in several companies just for the practical technical bit of the furniture industry, he is running his business on a much bigger level than the average furniture maker we usually have in mind. They don't just slap sticks together and put a nail through them, they do prefabrication designs and 3D rendering for clients approval and produce a furniture of international (our preferred word for very high) quality.

He covers Lekki/Ajah/Victoria Island primarily, so if you want international quality at reasonable price, I'll be glad to give you their contact.

Back to what this post is about. He is trying to expand and get some funding. He has been seeing my numerous posts on Facebook about my business and financial data analysis services. So he thought it was time to upgrade his business accounting system and probably hire an accountant. He told me all about the current way his business accounting is done and how his seeking for fund opened his eyes to the strict accounting requirements he would need to meet. In the end I knew the very solution he needed: Quickbooks.

Except you run a very financially complicated business, Quickbooks and your personal assistant are enough to keep your business financials report up-to-date and easily accessible. All you need is to properly set it up (which is not hard at all) and walk your personal assistant through how to fill in expenses, create invoice, generate receipts and enter tax data.

Even when you need to do your audited year end financial report, the accounting firm you engage will charge you less if you already use Quickbooks as all they will need to do is probably just affix their seal on the Quickbooks generated report. 

You can access it from your phone, computer and tablet. So you have no fear of losing your company financials due to computer damage or theft. Also as your business grows and expands, you can upgrade you Quickbook offering to the version that will accommodate the increased financial reporting needs of your business -- maybe you've expanded to Ghana and need a consolidated financial reporting. 

I have seen many small and medium size businesses use Quickbooks and it is one of the easiest and scalable way to manage your business accounting.

So if you are full-time running your own business and need a reliable and excellent accounting solution, first consider Quickbooks.


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