The Power of a Constant Smile

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Willy Loman was right, "being liked" is a key to success and the all you need is "a smile and a shoeshine." 
For me, always having a smile on my face has turned me to the most liked guy at my workplace, both at my current job and previous job. It has turned me into a favorite customer at most of the restaurants I frequent. It has turned me to the happy-face guy at most social events I attend. And best of all, it's constantly getting extra benefits -- bigger sized meals at restaurants, special greetings, gifts, special offers, and lots of smiles back. And now my face is turning into a permanent smile; I've got smile lines.


Yeah. Smile and the world smiles with you.

If there's one thing I'll like you to do from now on, and even tie to a new year resolution, it is to smile, and almost always. 

Ladies have asked for my phone numbers way more than I have asked for theirs, though it's mainly due to the fact that I very rarely ask for people's phone numbers, it's also due to the fact that I've got a pleasant smile almost always on my face and I say things that make people smile. Smiling works pleasant wonders. It makes people want to be around you, call you a lot too (which is the only disadvantage), and think of you in a bright pleasant light. 

In fact, people say I smile in my sleep. It's that addictive. Once you make the initial effort to turn smiling into a habit, you won't be able to stop smiling. And the coolest part is it makes you a magnet to children. You could put me + 20 other adults + 10 children in a conference room, and 20 mins later you'll find all the 10 children gathered around me. I can't fully explain why, but from experience it's always been like that. During my NYSC, the students wrote about me as their favorite teacher and I was always having a tough time keeping them from laughing too loud in my class (which greatly annoyed the permanent teachers). And I always connect with children, without really trying. And I think it's because I've got a smiley face. And nothing gets you more special consideration that when a child tells his parents about you, and in a happy pleasant way. It could get you a cool project or make you a big sale.

And that's how powerful a constant smile is.


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