How I quit habits I don't like

I wanted to put the title as,"How I quit my bad habits." But I couldn't because I have been unable to quit my bad habits. In fact, I believe that my bad habits and good habits chose me. I didn't choose them. And sadly, I have been unable to let go of my big bad habits. Especially keeping in touch with friends and family, which I consider as my biggest bad habit. The only luck I have is that I don't have many bad habits. Or the regular bad habits. So I'll be talking about the only habits I have been able to quit, habits that I don't like and that responded to my treatment.

Here's how I take down the habits I want to quit (the ones that cooperate) --

  1. I study the habits: I try to understand why I do it and when I do it.
  2. I think of something weak -- a placebo -- to replace the habit with.
  3. I give my self a goal, e.g. not to do the habit for the next 7 days. Then as the deadline is almost arrived, I extend it and extend. And extend it.
  4. I sometimes break the habit into actions that I break free from one at a time.
  5. Whenever I flop, I simply start all over. I never blame myself or feel sad. I simply tell myself that it's ok and I should try again. 
  6. I only give up after lots of trials and I feel the pain is not worth the gain.
  7. I often celebrate my success.
And that's how I quit the habits that allow me to quit them.


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