The Greatest Tragedy in Life

The greatest tragedy in life is not being without a dream. 
I repeat: the greatest tragedy in life is not being without a dream.

The greatest tragedy in life is leaving like a robot, not stretching your creative capability. And that is very different from not having a dream. 

While growing up my dream was to become a geek, someone with supercool computer skills. The 4:00pm cartoons on NTA 2 channel 5 played a huge role in forming that dream. The small guys with amazing computer skills kept thrashing the big guys. And somehow, my dream came true. I have once been in a place, for official work, and the network they let me connect to had no internet access. But there was another one, a wireless one, with internet access. One day I was so pissed off seeing others surf the net while I was surfing my computer folders, I decided to get the wireless password for myself. I restarted my laptop and booted into one of the 3 Linux OS I had on it. I then went straight to the command terminal and typed a bunch of commands; 30 minutes later I had the password. Unfortunately, the Linux didn't boot normally again till I was able to fix it one year after.
I still have a mail in my box; a US-based online Linux training institute wants me be a part-time instructor (I'll go reply the mail now). I don't really use antivirus software, I fix my virus issues myself. I get all sorts of technical invites. Dream accomplished. 

But I lived like a robot. You could build a robot to replicate me: just make it very good at fixing computer issues and you're almost done. Then get it a specs, a thick tiny one (the bottom of a coca-cola bottle would be perfect). Don't give it any social skills and make it dislike all social events. And you're done. You could just name it Robo-Mike. 


That's the tragedy I'm talking about. We are made in the image of God -- to be widely unpredictable and extremely creative. The moment we start making strict rules about every aspect of lives, we begin to live like a robot, programmed to act in a predictable manner. And that is what I call the greatest tragedy in life. 

Being creative isn't about solving the problems you encounter. It isn't about doing your job with perfection. It isn't about being an expert in your field. Being creative is about expressing your unique being in all you do. It's about being human, and not a robot. Letting your work flow through you: through your weaknesses and your strengths. Not restricting yourself. Being creative is all about being you -- the complete you. If I could change from a Robo-Mike to the one writing this post, then anyone can become unrigid. 


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