Self-Discovery --What the journey has been like for me

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Self-discovery is all about blocking the outside noises and becoming one with the real you; understanding how God has wired you. 


For me it has been a very bumpy ride. Being the analytic and passive type, I naturally do nothing. So, at a point I figured out that the only way I was going to discover myself is to try out everything. So now, rather than assume (after excessive thinking) that I can't write a novel as great as Harry Porter, I simply try and give up after several failures. 
Yeah. I do give up, and a lot. But it's because I try out almost everything. This year, I have given up trying to become an Android Apps developer after 2 years of hard work and expensive book. I have also given up calling up friends and family regularly, it was too much work, and very draining. And those are the ones worth mentioning.

Self-discovery has been more of stumbling on myself. Rather than assume that I'm the patient type, I hang out with extremely annoying people and observe my reactions. Rather than assume that Chess is a game I will enjoy, I force myself to spend hours playing chess with friends (offline and online); if I find it as no fun, I quit. Rather than think a food will be unagreeable with my stomach, I try it out first. That was how I found out that Abacha is not a meal for me. Rather than assume that I'm not a good writer, I simply write daily; if after 2 years I find it no fun, then I'll quit.

It has been through that process that I discovered that I enjoy swimming. That I could program MS Excel, Outlook and Access. That I could write daily. That I could translate book knowledge to practical knowledge. That I don't enjoy phone calls. That I care little about people's opinions. That I love my job. 
Everyday, I filter out the prejudices I grew up with. I filter out superstitions. I filter out popular beliefs and public opinions. I don't assume anything. I'm curious not judgmental. I let life (and all the numerous things I try) reveal me to me.

And that's what the journey of self-discovery has been for me.


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