Just Checking On You. I Hope You Are Doing Fine. Any Help I Can Render?

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I managed to fit all my message to you today in that title.

It is becoming just as important to ask if you are staying strong as it is to ask if you are staying safe.

These last couple of weeks have been nothing I have seen. For the first time in my life, sticking my head in the sand like an ostrich made more sense than "hoping for the best and planning for the worst". The worst involved a combination of watching analysts, politicians and health experts say we are doomed in a way that shuts down all positive and creative thinking. 

I have stopped watching news stations.

How have you been coping with these unusual happenings?

I pray for supernatural strength for those with children and very elderly people living with them. The stress and worries must be energy draining.

I pray for those who have close ones (friends or family) who are infected, may God heal their friends/family_member and grant everyone peace of mind.

If you need some external push to regain your mental/physical health, do reach out. I'm not very reliable but I can put in an extra push to connecting you with help. I don't think my Excel and computer skills can do much good. If the help you'll prefer is a financial one, I am in a similar boat. 

Just last week, I had to have a salary related meeting with my team. It resulted in pausing health insurance, pension and monthly gift allowance. In addition, I had to pause my own salary so that the little that comes in can (hopefully) cover the others' salaries. 

I make some money from a couple of online stuff I have running. Not a lot but enough, with my wife's help, to cover our downsized monthly expenses.

Now, I appreciate what it means to have a diversified income stream.

The consulting jobs I used to turn down in other to make more time for training services are now what I am looking for. The online training I never saw as more than some form of marketing to get people to come for the better priced class training is now the only training we can provide. And we have had to remake our online training platform to be as full fledged and valuable as our class training.

These are very unusual times.

May we all come out better and with no scars/loss.


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