All the things I do effortlessly

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I've got a friend; when he is agitated, he talks non-stop. Talking is one of the things he does effortlessly. While for me, talking requires a lot of effort; I avoid it.

In today's post, I'm going to share all the things I do effortlessly. The things I often skip lunch and diner in order to keep doing. I enjoy doing them and can do them for 18 straight hours.


1. Meditating
But unlike the guy in the image above, I don't have a meditation stance. I do it almost all the time and everywhere. I love the feeling of switching off from the environment around me. I do a mixture of silent prayers, thinking and nothing. And I do it effortlessly. If I'm in the midst of people and I don't like what they're discussing, I switch off. Even if the noise around is deafening, it doesn't make it any difference, I still do it effortlessly. 

2. Programming
Once I begin programming, be it a VBA macro or in a new programming language I'm learning, only an emergency can break me free. I don't pick phone calls. I skip meals till I'm about to faint from hunger. I can't think of or do anything else till I'm done. Even when I go for breaks, my mind is fixed on the programming. 

3. Reading
I have skipped meals and sleep just to get to the end of a book. I enjoy reading a lot. When I feel like taking a break while reading, I often spend the break reading another book. Reading ranks up there with breathing for me. I always find a way to do it, even without any active intention.

4. Thinking
Though some part of this fall under meditation, there are some special cases where I'm trying to think through a thing. It could be anything -- what to do with a particular sum of money, an article to write or a speech to give. I would think about it throughout the day and sometimes, in my dream, throughout the night. I hear of people having headaches from thinking too much. It has never happened to me. I think effortlessly.

And those are the things I do effortlessly.


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