Daily Goal Tracker for the new year, 2014

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Today is the last day of the year and to appreciate you all for your comments and mails, I'll be sharing with you a Goal tracker. It's a modified edition of my Exercise tracker and it has all the calendar dates in year 2014. It's a very cool way to keep track of your success regarding a new year resolution or a daily goal you want to achieve. It has a very beautiful design and will work excellently for those of you that want to print it out and stick to the front of your bedside fridge or the wall beside your bed or put inside your dairy/wallet. 

Here's the download link of the Daily Goal Tracker.

For me, starting from tomorrow, my daily goals are --

  1. To post one article on my blog (daily blog post)
  2. To make the most of each day
  3. To smile a lot
  4. To eat well
  5. To think only positive thoughts
  6. To not care about what people (will) think or say
  7. To be me always
And those are my daily goals for 2014. 

What are yours?

P.S. I've got other goals too. Family related. Work related. Finance related. Just that they are not tied to any daily activity.

See you next year!


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